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Updated Thursday, March 20, 2014  ::  Views (6568)

   It may appear quiet in the Kingston real estate market, but the real action is at the open houses, which are busier in this dreadful weather than you might think. Serious buyers are out looking to pick up off-season deals and researching their options.

   Buyers have spent the winter sitting on their hands in front of computers looking at the stale stuff, and waiting for new listings and price drops on existing listings. The problem is they're ready to buy and most sellers are still in winter slumber. There is a lag here in new listings and sellers who list early and price realistically are going to benefit. 

  A wise homeowner, or one with a good real estate professional, will know to list their property early if possible, when it will get maximum attention from itchy buyers before the market gets too crowded with new listings. The old practice of waiting until the grass starts to grow means competing with many other properties for buyer attention.

   One visitor at my last open house said she planned to list after she got her driveway paved in June.

  Had to almost get down on my knees to convince her not to...

  Of course properties do sell in June and later, but often the best prices are realized by prepared and early-to-market sellers.
  But what of those stale listings aging though the winter? Many people get suspicious when a property sits on the market too long.

  Sometimes the flaws turning off buyers are obvious. But sometimes a property sits because of flawed decisions and timing. Time and again, sellers price too high in the prime season, then start reducing as the season slows, but too late - they have missed the market and now the property sits all winter, often with increasingly anxious sellers in weakened bargaining positions. These properties become good deals and early buyers are snapping them up!

  As it often is in real estate, timing is important! Make it work for you!



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