Bruce D and family, Ottawa

"Our family appreciates the extra, over and above the call-of-duty assistance that you provided us, Kay - and at all hours - barn studies, land use studies, drone videos, showings, offer negotiations, property checks, open house, and even snow shoveling, ha!!  Many, thanks.  Personally it's been a pleasure working with you Kay and my thanks for your guidance, patience, reliability and perseverance.  And I knew I could always count on you with timely updates and sound advice as events evolved.  You're a real pro!!"

Nick F.

"When it comes to expertise in the Kingston real estate market, Kay is second to no one. Buying a home, for me, has never been easy. I gave Kay my wish list and she was always there, reading with meaningful statistics, advice and answers. Kay found the perfect house, and thankfully, I now own that house."



Goliba and Paz

Getting in to the purchase of our first home, we have found it to be quite a learning curve. Kay Langmuir helped us to find and buy a home that we love.

After looking at several houses, and wondering if we would ever find the right one, we finally found the perfect fit for our family.

Kay has been very supportive every step of the way. She has a unique ability to dig up information that is needed to help in our decisions. But what we appreciated the most of all is that she had our best interest at heart. 
We recommend her work most highly. 

Thank you Kay, we appreciate all your hard work.

Sham and Paul

 We recently closed on our first house about a month ago. As first time home buyers, this has been a steep learning curve.  Initially, our concerns were all structural: number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, counter tops and cabinets, etc. During our search however, we learned that the important things to us were mostly related to the life style. Soon, our search parameters expanded to the lots size, mature trees in the neighbourhood, and the community.

After looking at several houses, we fell in love with an absolute gem of a bungalow in the east end of Kingston. The large lot with mature trees was situated in a “Leave it to Beaver” neighbourhood, which seems to be growing rarer these days.  Unfortunately, the house needed some foundation work and interior renovations.  We knew that the purchase was going to be just the first of many challenges before the move-in.  The list of daunting tasks should have scared off such rookies as us, but we decided to take it on.

Kay was so supportive every step of the way. She took the time to explain the process of purchase and the renovation thoroughly, and so far, we have not encountered any surprises. She has a unique ability to dig up information, and on several occasions, found out details on this, and other properties that guided our decision. She was extremely helpful with advice on how to approach the renovation work, from the home inspection to finding the right contractors.  She was patient, resourceful and professional, but what we appreciated the most of all is that she really understood what we were looking for, and was genuinely excited to be a part of this important step in our lives.

These days, professionalism seems to be a fine balance that is increasingly difficult to define. We know that our experience with Kay has been more than a business transaction. Like a friend that we’ve known for a long time, she had a way of steering us away from bad decisions (and there were several) with a nudge and just the right words. On occasions, she buffered us from contractors’ aggressive sales pitch and found us room to make our decisions without obligations. We always felt that we had someone very knowledgeable completely on our side, and never felt overwhelmed. In the end we got the exact house that we were looking for, and our vision for the lifestyle, cabinets and countertops are slowly taking shape.  What was completely unexpected was that the house would come with a new friend.

Thanks Kay. We’ll keep in touch.

Mike Paterson
  • Kay helped us to find and buy a home that is making us extremely happy. 

She is considerate, cheerful, discerning and hard-working. She is an exceptionally good listener who dedicates her attention, effort, research skills and creative thinking to her client… she understands "service" in an intelligent and comprehensive way: the job for her isn't done until the client's interests are fully met. 

Kay took the potentially extreme stress and anxiety out of the whole business of buying a home, allowing us to focus on our core priorities. She steered us past needless concerns and immediate impulses. 

The confidence we gained in her enabled us to avoid the pitfalls of rushed decisions, falling for superficial appeal or mis-reading potential costs. We continue to appreciate her work on our behalf, after some months of reflection and living in the home we bought. 

I recommend her work most highly.