The City Of Kingston's secondary unit initiative offers a uniquely flexible affordable housing option, and there are now forgivable loans of up to $15,000 available to help homeowners defray the costs of constructing these units.

 The link below provides extensive information on the process and requirements for installing a secondary unit or suite.

 Demising a secondary unit in an existing home can serve many purposes, such as accommodating a caregiver or multi-generational family groups, or providing a source of income that allows a homeowner to remain in their home.

  A municipal fee rebate program also provides a forgivable loan for projects within areas of the City where Planning applications, such as zoning by-law amendments, minor variances or removal of holding symbols, are required - to a maximum of $7,000. In other areas of the city, secondary unit construction is permitted as of right and only building permits are required.

The link below also contains maps which outline the areas requiring planning applications for secondary suite construction and those that do not. 

Secondary suites have been provincially mandated through Bill 140, the Strong Communities Through Affordable Housing Act.